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Photo Art





Bonnie Stark has over 25 years of experience in portrait and wedding photography. Formerly, the owner and photographer of successful studios in Austin and College Station, Texas, Bonnie now resides near Coupland, Texas. Having moved frequently over the years as a result of her husband’s career path, she has worked in the photography business as far away as Bangor, Maine.

Bonnie has been interested in visual arts since a young age and began oil painting landscapes as a teenager. Her husband, Charles, a serious photography buff, introduced her to her first 35mm camera. She soon began to see film as an art medium that offered a whole new world of potential for creativity and expression. Together their interest in the field grew as they attended photographic workshops and seminars of professional Master Photographers. As their photographic skills evolved into a successful career they earned recognition at local and state exhibitions, including the “Photographer of the year” award at the Texas Professional Photographer’s Association, plus acceptance of work into the “National Loan Collection”. Although Charles eventually decided to change careers and attend seminary, Bonnie continues to work in the photographic field with an emphasis in portraits and weddings.

Though Bonnie is currently located in Central Texas, she serves clients in Austin, San Antonio, and College Station and has photographed weddings in the Houston and Dallas areas.